Unconventional Well Production Using Jet Pump

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Monday, April 15th, 2024

     This two-day training has been designed to provide basic foundational knowledge on jet pump systems. Participants will receive technical information and experience-based knowledge that will help them on the selection of the proper jet pump equipment, installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and optimization. This training was conceived for production engineers, lease operators, oilfield pumpers, field production personnel, operations personnel and similar roles in the oil and gas industry.

Training Outline:
1.    Jet Pump theory and application basics.
2.    Jet pump downhole equipment configurations.
3.    Tubing string installation considerations.
4.    Surface equipment configurations.
5.    Surface equipment installation considerations.
6.    Selection process for proper nozzle/throat combination for the frac flow recovery process and early production stage. 
7.    Selection process for proper nozzle/throat combination after the frac flow recovery process - keeping up with the transient productivity index of unconventional wells.
8.    Jet pump performance & production optimization. 
9.    The jet pump minimum required flowing bottom hole pressure: how low can it go?
10.    Problems with jet pump operations; how to correct them. 
11.    Field visit to a jet pumped well. This well is located near O’Donnell TX (50-minute drive from Lubbock TX).


Osman A. Nunez-Pino - Liberty Lift Systems

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