Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift School

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Monday, April 15th, 2024

Fundamentals of Sucker Rod Lift” is a one-day seminar on the principles and operations of sucker rod lift.  Each component of the sucker rod lift system is discussed including the pumping unit, rods, tubing, pump, downhole gas separator and prime mover.  How the components function and interact with each other is presented so that the attendee can understand the entire operating system and how the components interact.  An understanding of the reservoir and its production potential and behavior is also presented so that the attendee can optimize the well’s performance.  Attendees will learn the principles of sucker rod lift systems and how to produce wells efficiently.  The results of application of this information in the field will be an increase in production, a reduction in operating expense and greater profits.


Russell Stevens (Lufkin Rods) - Tubing, Anchors, and Rods
Benny Williams (Q2 ALS) – Downhole Pumps
Gustavo Fernandez (Echometer Company) - Partial Pump Liquid Fillage
Shawn Dawsey (Downhole Diagnostic) - Dynamometer Analysis
Carrie Anne Taylor (Echometer Company) - Acoustic liquid level Analysis
Peter Westerkamp (Lufkin Industries) - Pump-off-controllers
Zane Adams (Lufkin Industries) – Pumping Units and Torque
O. Lynn Rowlan (Echometer Company) – Motor, Power and Efficiency

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