Corrosion Monitoring School

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Monday, April 15th, 2024

This one-day pre-conference school will examine representative laboratory data associated with the selection, monitoring, and optimization of corrosion treating chemicals. We will examine lab data and key performance indicators (KPIs) pertaining to tracking the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors. We will be discussing produced water analyses, suspended solids analyses, deposit analyses, corrosion coupons, amine residuals and iron/manganese levels. We will review standardized procedures for the sampling and determination of the various monitoring techniques, define and identify possible anomalies that can occur within the data and discuss possible interferences that can impact the various test methods utilized. We will work through various corrosion scenarios as a group to help identify what types of samples and analytical testing should be gathered and performed to help in addressing the corrosion challenge presented.
The objectives of this pre-conference school are to review each analysis type used by chemical vendors in corrosion monitoring and discuss the interpretation and application for each test utilized.


Becky Ogden

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