Basics of Hydraulic Fracturing in Horizontal Wells

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

This course is an introduction to hydraulic fracturing design, implementation, and evaluation in horizontal wells. The instructors are Dave Cramer, Senior Engineering Fellow with ConocoPhillips and Lucas Bazan, President at Bazan Consulting, Inc. Dave and Lucas have 46 and 25 years of continuous experience, respectively, in developing and applying hydraulic fracturing technology.
This course is tailored for both engineers and field personnel. It consists of several sessions including group activities to test comprehension. The following topics are covered:
1.       Reservoir characterization for fracturing
2.       Fracture mechanics
3.       Wellbore mechanics
4.       Treating pressure analysis
5.       Hydraulic fracturing execution
6.       Fracturing fluids
7.       Proppants and fracture conductivity
8.       Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing: operations
9.       Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing: design
10.   Fracture modeling, production forecasting and economic evaluation


Dave Cramer – ConocoPhillips


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