Advanced Techniques for Dynamometer Surface and Pump Card Analysis

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

This advanced analysis and troubleshooting course for sucker rod produced wells is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the analysis of wells using dynamometer cards, with a particular focus on using the calculated downhole pump card. Information displayed in surface and pump dynamometer cards plays a critical role in diagnosing issues in sucker rod lifted wells. The course explores various aspects of dynamometer card analysis, emphasizing the identification of problems such as incomplete pump fillage, plunger motion irregularities, mechanical friction, and the impact of gas compression within the pump chamber.
Incomplete pump fillage is a common problem in rod pump wells, often stemming from different well conditions that can be misinterpreted during diagnosis. As a result, incorrect treatment measures may be applied. This course will equip course participants with techniques to accurately diagnose incomplete pump fillage causes through the analysis of pump dynamometer cards. 
A key focus of the course is the visualization of rod string dynamics in multi-dimensions within the wellbore. Understanding the time element in dynamometer cards is crucial because it reflects the time required for forces to propagate through the rod string. The course emphasizes the importance of trusting the surface card when input data is representative of operating conditions, as pump cards can sometimes exhibit misleading information when using inaccurate data or not understanding how forces are applied to the rod string. 
Dynamometer cards provide tons of insight about the downhole condition of the pump and in what condition it is operating, but not all dynamometer cards are straightforward in their interpretation.  In this section, we will look at interesting dyno cards (from POC’s and portable equipment) to determine what the cards are telling us and the value of interpreting them properly. 
Visualizing the dynamometer cards that result from different conditions that can occur in the rod pump system. Some examples include cards created by incorrect top or bottom of stroke, overtravel vs undertravel stroke, mechanical friction force applied at the stuffing box, a dogleg, or from friction at the pump. This section will also discuss potential surface and downhole conditions that can cause anomalous dynagraph cards. Observations will also be made regarding combinations of surface and downhole conditions, since it is typical that multiple conditions are occurring simultaneously in the system.


O. Lynn Rowlan    and Gustavo Fernandez – Echometer Company
Shawn Dawsey – Downhole Diagnostics    
Walter Phillips - WANSCO
Jeffrey J DaCunha – Brex Rod Pumping

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