Managing Production Chemical Treating Programs (2 Day School)

Monday, April 16th, 2018

The 2018 offering of this school is a revision from the highly successful chemical school presented in 2017. 

Operators know that chemicals can be beneficial and integral in assisting with the economic success of a producing field, lease or well. However, unless the treatment program is established, monitored and managed effectively, chemical applications can result in increased operating costs without adding value. 

In this 2-day forum, attendees will be presented a basic overview of oilfield production chemicals: the theory of how they function, their selection, uses, monitoring and optimization. Attendees will be introduced to the major groups of chemicals and the forum will discuss the product selection and monitoring of each group. The forum will present and discuss real-life case histories of chemical applications, monitoring test results and corrosion failure analyses. In addition to discussing case histories, the attendees will be presented scenarios that depict actual field challenges and, as a group, we will discuss and outline the chemical/operational options to address the solution of that scenario.

Course objectives:  
•    Discuss the areas of production concerns in which chemicals can assist
•    Determine the information required for a successfully managed chemical program
•    Understand the various ways in which chemicals can be selected and monitored
•    Outline the process utilized for conducting field/laboratory failure analyses
•    Understand the importance of identifying the root cause of a corrosion failure, so as to prevent reoccurrence
•    Discuss the various analytical tests utilized to monitor and optimize your chemical program
The major production chemical groups/subjects to be addressed in this 2-day forum include: Demulsifiers, Mineral Scale removers and inhibitors, Corrosion, Corrosion inhibitors, Corrosion failure analyses, Biotechnology, Biocides, Paraffin control products and Asphaltene control products.

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