Progressive Completions Inc.

Progressive Completions is a downhole tool manufacturing and service company that has been providing quality products and services since 1998.  It has extended into the U.S. market 2 years ago and will soon open an operating center in Midland/Odessa, Texas and Ventura, California.

Progressive Completions entered the Texas market with two of its hallmark products: The Safe Tension Tool (STT) and Quarter Turn Anchor/Catcher (QTC).  These two products allow for a production tubing string in vertical and especially horizontal wells to be placed in tension with full well control in a safe and extremely efficient manner.

Progressive Completions' comprehensive product and service offering includes but is not limited to conventional casing scrapers, test/production packers and retrievable bridge plugs; specialty tools including our patented Safe Tension Tool (STT), Progressive Quarter Turn Anchor/Catcher, No-turn Tools and Jet Pumps.  We manufacture our Safe Tension Tools, Chemical Injection Subs, Rotor Subs as well as various types of tubing accessories to satisfy our specific customers' needs.