Understanding the Top Secret for Rod Pumped Wells (Incomplete Pump Fillage)

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

There are a variety of "secrets" for producing sucker rod lifted wells to provide optimum operations and profits.  Another term for “secrets” would be recommended practice.  Some of these practices include properly installing equipment in the well, providing proper chemical treatments, preventing rod on tubing wear, identifying cause of well failures, and periodic surveillance of the well.  Dynamometer and fluid level surveys are used to identify when the well is properly operating and when there are operating problems.  But, probably the top “secret” is to produce wells with complete pump fillage.  More efficient operations and lower failure rate will result if wells are operated with a pump filled with liquid.  Frequently rod pumped wells fail due to the exact same problem.  Therefore, these recommended practices must not be known by the operator or must be “secrets”.

This school will delve into first identifying what issue is causing the problem to the operation of the well.  Trouble shooting and problem solving of various conditions will be discussed. Topics include: fluid level reports, dynamometer examples, downhole gas separation considerations and selection of equipment.

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