CANCELLED ---ESP Design and Troubleshooting

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

This class has been cancelled

Session I
Introduction and discussion of the components that make up the ESP lift system with special attention payed to component selection for wells that produce with high gas volumes, abrasives, scale, asphaltenes, wax and other difficult operating conditions.
Session II
An ESP lift system will be designed with examples of methods and component design for the harsh producing conditions discussed in Session I. Also, how the intake pressure, discharge pressure, gas, fluid properties, tubing friction, WHP, velocity past the motor, well temperature, depth, and other factors affect the design will be discussed.  
Session III
Discussion of the measured operating data, in order of importance, that should be monitored for the successful analysis of the ESP lift system and the well productivity as it is being produced. Later there will be a discussion of the use of the monitored data for trouble shooting producing problems. Class input is always welcomed but particularly during this session.
Session IV
A discussion of the recommended practice for tearing down and analyzing failed ESP equipment with discussion of methods to help determine the root cause(s) of the failure (RCF). Again, class input is particularly welcomed during this session.

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