Artificial Lift Methods

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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

This is a one day seminar to discuss and understand some of the different types of Artificial Lift Systems that are being used today.

Reciprocating Rod Lift - Each component of the system will be discussed from the surface equipment to the downhole parts to understand how each function interacts with each other and what types of applications that this type of lift is being used.

Gas Lift- Understand how a Gas Lift System is designed and how each component operates. We will also discuss what applications and well conditions that Gas Lift is being used in as well as showing the attendees well conditions in the Gas Lift simulator to have an understanding of how each component works downhole.

Capillary Injection- Capillary Injection can be used as a form of Artificial Lift or as a protection system for pinpoint chemical injection. Each will be discussed so that the attendees will have an understanding of the different applications and how each can be used.

Hydraulic Lift- Hydraulic Lift is an Artificial Lift Method that uses pressurized fluid from the surface to power a downhole pump. The two types of downhole pumps are Jet pumps and Piston pumps. Hydraulic Lift allow you to: treat your well through powerfluid, eliminate tubing wear, and reduce work over rigs on your location.

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