Arun Sriraman
UPCO INC./Dover Artifical Lift

Failures in the sucker rod industry can be costly and time consuming. A thorough understanding of the critical factors affecting the overall reliability of steel sucker rods is important to address these failures. The manufacturing and servicing of sucker rods involves a chain of processes starting with the steel mills, sucker rod manufacturer and eventually goes to the end user. There are a lot of critical factors involved in every step of the process before the product goes down hole. The goal of this presentation is to prevent failures through awareness and education of critical factors affecting the final and overall reliability of steel products used in oil production.

The paper also address the basic parameters and geometry aspects of commonly used sucker rods guides in the industry. The following topics will be discussed in this section:

- Erodable wear volume.
- Erodable wear surface area.
- Effective flow area.
- Length of guides.
- Temperature capability of guides