Jay Miller

Tech-Flo Consulting, LLC

With the proliferation of production from multiple zones within wells, a major challenge long recognized by industry is to understand which zones are contributing, and how much. This is even more of a challenge with multiphase flow from different zones and with the advent of hydraulic fracturing, correctly identifying which zones have the potential to contribute is critical for future operations. 

A new solution to this problem is to use a jet pump in combination with inflatable packers and a new PLT that uses Patent Pending Doppler sensors rather than spinners to measure flow. This allows the in-flow to be accurately measured while the zone is isolated, with the added benefit of being able to draw the pressure down to assess the potential of the zone when on lift. 

This paper discusses the application of this new method of production logging in a vertical well in West Texas. It will also show the logs obtained in the test well.